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Nude Goddess - The Search for the perfect 3D photos of naked women
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3D pictures of beautiful nude women are very difficult to find. Anaglyph, stereo, or cross-eyed 3-D pictures can be found, but usually after some very hard work.

Using the search engines I've found only a handful, and wish I could find some more.  So, it's my hope that I can inspire websites who will provide some great 3D photos of nude goddesses. Nude ladies, naked girls, bare chested beauties basking in the delicate glow of the moon. 

If you find some good 3D nude sites, please send an email to me and let me know. They should be classy nudes, or even partial nudity, but not hardcore.  Emphasizing sexuality, but not sex.  Artistic and tasteful, not gross or demeaning. If the photos are visually stunning or unique, such as voyeur 3-D photos of nude models in public places, that'd be a nice touch! I will add links to them as they are submitted, if they are respectful sites.

Ladies, have you ever considered taking glamour nude pictures in 3D of yourself?  If you've taken nude 3D pictures of yourself, and want them published on the internet, submit them to the email address above.  If time allows, I might be publishing a 3D page of amateur nude models in the future.  If I get some sexy photos of some true nude goddess that totally blows me away, I'd seriously have to place it on the website right away!.

Has anyone seen the naturist 3D site around lately? I can't remember the name of the nudism site, but it had a few nudist movies in 3D. Outdoor nudes in 3D, silhouetted breasts in 3D, highlighted by sunbeams through the trees.

Anaglyph 3D photos use the classic red/blue glasses to view photos or movies in 3D.
Commonplace nowadays, they are included in many 3D movies on DVD at most rental shops.  SpyKids 3D, Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3D, Chicken Little in 3D all come with 4 3D glasses.

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